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Bridge Bevel Wing Gate

Bridge Bevel Wing Gate

Product Details

Name: Bridge BevelShenzhen Wing Gate

Model: FXD-AG-A 13


Low power consumption, static power 10 W, working maximum power 60 W .;

Ultra-quiet, the noise is lower than 50 dB when working. ;

Support multiple signal input, relay signal, voltage signal (5 ~ 24 V);

Motor overcurrent, overload, short circuit protection;

Magnetic induction limit, moisture-proof and dust-proof.

Technical Parameters:

Box material: 304 stainless steel;

Product size: 1400 * 280 * 980 (mm);

Material of wing baffle: Acrylic and soft rubber are optional;

Acrylic wing colors: transparent, red, blue;

Working voltage: AC 220 V ± 10% V / 50 ± 10% Hz;

Start the motor: DC 24 V;

Door opening / closing speed: adjustable from 1-9 gears (corresponding to door opening time 10-3S);

Door hold time: 1-99 seconds;

Remote control function: wireless (optional).

Application scenario:

Applicable to residential areas, office buildings, schools, government agencies, etc .;

Application environment: indoor;

Working temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃;

Working humidity: ≤ 90% non-condensing

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