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Suspended ultra-narrow speed door

Suspended ultra-narrow speed door

Product Details

Suspended ultra-narrowSpeed ​​gate

Model: FXD-AG-A 01

304 # The stainless steel body is designed with black tempered glass and adopts acrylic swing wings.

The minimalist design of the Bauhaus, decorated with lighting, satisfies the basic functions of the business model.

The whole adopts a suspended body design, and the internal structure is innovative.

The gate production is produced by Shenzhen Fengxingda Technology Co., Ltd. It has beautiful appearance and reliable technology.

Control plan

Servo scheme (smooth switch, synchronous, stable)

Operating Voltage

AC 220 ± 10% V / 50 HZ ± 10%

Actual power consumption

Start 80 W, run 30 W

Opening speed

0. 5 S-3S


60 people / minute

Swing arm reset time

Channel reset immediately

Voice function



1400 * 120 * 960

Channel size

550-900 (mm)

Chassis material

SUS 304 stainless steel, thickness 1. 5 mm, brushed surface

working environment


Operating life

≥ 500 ten thousand times

Collision protection

The software has its own motor lock-up logic, its own clutch, and the impact torque is greater than 100 NM clutch slip

Dielectric strength

1. 5 KVAC

Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

GB / T 17626. 23 Class B standard

Electric fast transient pulse group immunity test

GB / T 17626. 43 Class B standard

Lightning strike / surge immunity test

GB / T 17626. 53 Class B standard

Voltage sag, short interruption and voltage change immunity

GB / T 17626. 113 Class B standard

Communication Interface

Support RS 232, RS 485, TCP / IP

Swing arm accuracy control

0010010 lt; 0. 1 degrees

Infrared logic

6-8 pairs of infrared, adults and children, luggage and other anti-pinch

Beating protection

Braking reaction time 0010010 lt; 0. 1 seconds

Insulation resistance

100 M Europe

Anti-breakthrough protection

The swing arm is pushed open at an angle greater than the set angle and the clutch locks up, and torque less than 100 NM cannot be pushed.

Working humidity

RH 0010010 lt; 85%

Working altitude

0010010 lt; 2000 m

working environment

-25 ~ 70 degrees, -25 degrees to -40 degrees area using heating device and low temperature lubricant to ensure normal operation

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