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Development and advantages and disadvantages of gates
- 2020-04-26-

From the development of the gate to the present, the identification methods used include: swiping cards (including magnetic cards, ID cards, IC cards, various shaped cards, etc.), document scanning (identity cards, passports, military officer certificates, etc.), barcode / two-dimensional codes, biological Identification (fingerprint, iris, face), etc.

Cards, cards, barcodes / two-dimensional codes are identification methods. The only feature is that they only recognize cards, cards and codes, but not people.

Advantages: fast recognition speed, high success rate, so fast speed

Disadvantages: If the pedestrian forgets to bring or lose the card / certificate / code, there will be no access authority, and this method does not identify the person itself, and cannot guarantee that the card / certificate / code is consistent with the person. In addition, the card / certificate / code is also It may be misappropriated, which has great security risks for management.

The fingerprint and iris biometrics are characterized by the identification of the biological characteristics of the passing person, and the reliability is relatively high.

Advantages: relative card / certificate / code identification, eliminating the trouble of carrying external media of these machines

Disadvantages: It is easier to collect fingerprints and irises, and it is more likely to be disguised, so there are certain use holes. And the passage requires the active cooperation of pedestrians to verify.

The face recognition method uses visible light to obtain face image information. During the movement of pedestrians, the camera can actively capture the facial information of pedestrians to quickly identify the pedestrian's access permissions.

Pedestrian channel management system of face recognition gate

Pedestrian channel management system of face recognition gate

Advantages: I can verify on the spot, there is no mandatory, no active cooperation, no contact, and the face is difficult to disguise.

The identification methods used by gates in different places are different, some use a certain identification method alone, and some use multiple combinations. For example, the credit card recognition is commonly used in subway gates, and the three-in-one recognition of face, ID and fingerprint is used for customs passage gates.

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