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Pedestrian gate
- 2020-04-26-

Pedestrian channel gate system provider-Zhonggong Intelligent focuses on the field of access control systems and artificial intelligence, providing customers with high-quality channel gate products and integrated solutions. The main products are speed gates, swing gates, wing gates, sliding gates, revolving gates, face recognition gates, etc., which are widely used in commercial buildings, technology parks, smart communities, smart factories, smart campuses and other industries, providing professional Access control solutions and installation services.

With the rapid development of big data and artificial intelligence technologies in the Internet of Things, the entrance and exit control industry has developed to be intelligent and unattended. Some high-end office access control systems in the urban area of ​​Guangzhou use channel gates to improve place management and upgrades, and combine face recognition systems and visitor management systems. The main feature of face recognition systems is that visitors can collect faces at visitor machines with ID cards Or after collecting faces through WeChat, visitors can enter the gate channel through face recognition, and the internal staff of the office can quickly enter and exit through the face recognition gate after entering the data in advance.

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