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What issues should Shenzhen pay attention to when purchasing gates?
- 2020-01-08-

What issues should Shenzhen pay attention to when purchasing gates?

How to achieve effective control and management of personnel access?

The core equipment usually required in the channel control design is a gate that communicates directly with the person being controlled. The types of gates available are usually: half-height revolving doors, fast-track three-roller gates (also called three-roll gates), full-height gates (also called full-height revolving fence gates, revolving gates) swing gates.

How to choose more suitable gate products within the appropriate budget, so as to achieve better channel access control effect?

The selection of gates for access control equipment generally needs to consider the following points:
1. On-site use environment of gate
2. User requirements; 0010010 nbsp;
3. The number and flow of people passing through the gate; 0010010 nbsp;
4. Special functions to be implemented.

How to choose the gate?

It is not necessary to choose when choosing a gatemoreExpensive ormoreGood should be within the appropriate budgetmoreProducts suitable for use. The following is an example of a factory using three roller gates as channel control equipment. Three roller gates should be selected according to the following conditionsExplain how to choose gate products. The specific environment in which the gate is used is listed below. 0010010 nbsp;
The gate is installed at the factory gate 0010010 nbsp;
Factory total3000 people. 1000 person 0010010 nbsp per shift;
All shuttles areWithin 10 minutes, all arrive at 00 10 0 10 nbsp;
1. Consider the speed of use. Prevent the phenomenon of waiting for a long time when commuting.
Every shift1000 people. Pass 100 person-times every minute; all pass within 10 minutes. 00 100 10 nbsp;
Trip speed of three roller gate15-25 people / minute. Calculated according to 20 people / minute; the actual time depends on the usage habits and access control system response time. 0010010 nbsp;
Make sure that there is no conflict between people entering and leaving during leastneed5 three roller brakes. 0010010 nbsp;
The frequency of use of the three-roller gate when commuting is close100% 00 100 10 nbsp; 00 100 10 nbsp; 00 100 10 nbsp; 00 100 10 nbsp; 00 100 10 nbsp ; 00 100 10 nbsp;

2. Consider the frequency of use of the gate.
The gate of the attraction is at24 hoursWill be used at all times in 0010010 nbsp;

The difference in the frequency of use of the gate between the factory and the scenic spot; the factory gate is used when commutingveryfrequently. 0010010 nbsp;
The frequency of use during peak commuting will be close100% 00 100 10 nbsp;

If using 5 three roller gates. 0010010 nbsp;
If using100% frequency machine. However, if you use 40% frequency equipment, five equipment can meet. Requires more than 13 units;
Play the right role and use the right product in the right place. 0010010 nbsp; Reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and renewal in the future.

3. Consider the service life of the gate.
Hypothetical use5 devices. Each machine works 1200 times a day, and each person enters and exits once a day. About 40 ten thousand times of work per year;
Choose life100 devices within 10,000 times. In less than a year, large area failures of main components will occur, and the overall life span is 2-3 years. Need to be replaced
Select trouble-free operating frequency3-5 million times equipment. The overall life span is more than 10 years; the main components can work without failure in 5-10 years 00 10 0 10 nbsp;
4. Consider the beauty of the gate.
The semi-open use depends on the sea city.;
The general housing information and the three-roller gate with spray paint are used with caution. Import or grade is better; at leastAISI 304 stainless steel. 0010010 nbsp;
Internal anti-corrosion treatment, data thickness. Water chestnut treatment. Brushed. 0010010 nbsp; High traffic volume.

When the requirements cannot be met, the space of the three-roller gate is insufficient. You can consider choosing fast-track products. Compared with the three-roller gate, the fast passage has the characteristics of more beautiful, higher speed, safer and more convenient. Although the price is more expensive, there are obstacles in the wide application because of the price problem. However, in foreign-funded factories with more advanced concepts, the fast track is destined to become a more and more respected product, playing an important role that the three-roller brake cannot replace.
Good fast track products are at speed. Use ShouyouVery bigAdvantage, frequency. Pedestrian passage products are unmatched by other products and become large/ The first channel control product for the main entrance and exit of the super large factory or high-rise office buildingTo choose. Even during the peak hours of commuting, you can cope with it without having to set it to the normally open state, which greatly improves safety and overall efficiency.

When the gate is used in an office building. The following points need to be considered first:
1. Number of users. Frequency of use, traffic. Service life
2. 0010010 nbsp; low noise;
3. 0010010 nbsp; beautiful appearance;
4. With emergency evacuation function.

Pedestrian access control equipment in office buildings. The appearance is beautiful, you can consider the use of a combination of fast-track and swing doors. Quick access and swing door. The image of the modernization of the place is greatly improved, and the function is more comprehensive in actual use. People can pass through the fast lane to get to and from work, which can better control the entry and exit of people in the building. Disabled persons or persons with large cargo can pass through the swing door, making the gate more user-friendly. You can also swing the doorThe VIP channel is used. When there are important customers or leaders to watch, the swing door can be opened normally, and personnel can quickly pass through. There is no need for customers or leaders to pass through the fast channel one by one.
When choosing pedestrian control equipment such as half-height revolving doors, fast-track three-roller gates, full-height doors, swing doors So that the gate can be used in daily use in the futuremoreGreat utility.

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