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The production of gates diversifies the design of pedestrian gates
- 2020-01-08-

Because Fengxingda is professional and dedicated to a product of gate, concentrate on doingGate productionOne thing, the technical team is good at the research and development of gate technology, combined with the world's advanced technology, to create an art gate that meets the needs of users.

The design of pedestrian gates is generally the same for pedestrian gates, except for the differences in functions. For appearance, the production of gate gates has broken through the conventions of mainstream gate gates: swing gates, wing gates, translation gates Normal, bold design, diversified design.

Swing gate series

As a commonly used gate channel, the swing gate is highly plastic in appearance. For example, the pillar-type swing gate makes an article at the top of the pillar, adding different design elements such as marble and colored lights, and the whole will show a high-end atmosphere;

The design of the bridge swing gate is wider. In addition to the stainless steel design, the chassis can be made of plexiglass, acrylic and other materials. If you add fluid elements, such as the case, put the transparent liquid into the pet fish with high value, and configure the music The fish jumps lively and gives people a sense of pleasure. It is installed in the office to enhance the image of the entire office. It is also very pleasing to see beautiful little fish and swim freely in the water. At the same time, according to Feng Shui, fish farming is beneficial to wealth and career. The entire gate looks stylish and reveals different meanings at the same time. It can be used at various entrances and exits of government agencies and enterprise buildings.

Wing gate series

The wing gate is used as a product that works side by side with the swing gate. Because the retractable door wing must enter and exit the interior of the chassis, it is relatively limited in appearance design. It can only work on the decoration and workmanship of the chassis, such as the Qinglu Art Gate , The whole reveals the classical beauty.

Translation brake series

As the gate channel for high security occasions, the price of the translation gate is relatively expensive. Generally, the use rate of large groups is relatively high, so sometimes users will have higher requirements for it according to the needs of the occasion, such as the appearance of pure white to show clean And to expand the sense of space vision, use bronze-style cloud-type configuration, decorative pattern to decorate, the whole is more local gold.

Pedestrian gates not only realize their functions, but also demand more and more aesthetics in their actual needs. The Simolo technical team can design other functions based on various knowledge skills such as pattern design, advertising image design, visual art appreciation Powerful, colorful, and atmospheric gate channel equipment.

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