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Shenzhen Wing Gates are now more and more widely used in the subway environment
- 2020-01-08-

Shenzhen Wing Gates are now more and more widely used in the subway environment

We know that the reason for setting wing gates like wing gates in the subway is that on the one hand, a lot of money has been invested in the early construction of the subway, and we need to be rewarded for taking the convenient and fast subway. On the other hand, a large number of people gather at subway stations during peak hours every day. If the safe and orderly passage of personnel cannot be guaranteed, certain safety problems will arise. The subway gate seems to solve the above two problems. The additional yellow line in front of the gate of Tianjin subway station has played a very important role in the better operation of the gate.

Starting from the boarding gate, when there was no yellow line in the past, some people did not know the boarding mechanism of the boarding gate, and they could not pass the security gate next door. Smart gates rely on advanced infrared sensing systems to identify many people entering the gate registration location at the same time and issue a security alert. According to the system settings, the gate will be closed. Although the pedestrians are careless, they will affect the normal passage of the people behind. The setting of the yellow line is a good guide for pedestrians who do not know these rules.

Of course, it is not excluded that some people hope to achieve the effect of evading votes. Of course, they cannot do this under the detection of smart doors. They should pay the corresponding fare to take the transportation instead of seeking personal gain.

From the perspective of traffic safety and efficiency, the opening and closing of subway entrances and exits such as wing gates have a certain reaction and processing time. Although the time is not long, it is not as convenient as a door like a fast-track door. The general traffic rules for smart gates are that after a pedestrian reads an effective cartoon line, infrared detection will automatically close the gate after the pedestrian passes, or delay closing the gate after the pedestrian passes. The delay of 1-60 seconds can be set by the motherboard menu

The setting time of the subway station is generally 3-5 seconds, and the process from the pedestrian waiting outside the yellow line to the entrance and exit of the gate is exactly 3-5 seconds, which can greatly adjust the passage of pedestrians. Invalid card swiping in the yellow card ticket checking line is to prevent pedestrians from congestion and cause security accidents, prevent ticket evasion, and ensure the normal operation of the subway.

Although only a small yellow line with the words "please stand outside the yellow line" is added, we can still feel that the use of boarding gates by subway staff is becoming more standardized and user-friendly.

This small measure not only ensures the standard use of the gate, improves the pedestrian traffic efficiency, and ensures the pedestrian traffic safety, but also truly realizes the people-oriented service concept.

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