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What are the basic characteristics of buying Shenzhen wing gate channel
- 2020-01-08-

Shenzhen wing gate safety channel equipment and adjustment, the seller's professional technology solves the buyer's wing gate safety channel professional technicians carry out on-site debugging of practical skills such as practical operation, machine equipment repair, and maintenance until the buyer's professional technicians can be skilled , Grasp and work alone. The cost of the professional staff sent by the seller shall be borne by the seller. Since the goods received the effective date, the original wing gate safety channel manufacturer enjoys a three-year no-trial warranty, three-year service door-to-door, and life-long maintenance service items. The original product information of the goods is for the record for customer information. UpWithin 8 time, arrive on the spot to carry out maintenance. For the purchased machinery and equipment, the original manufacturer ’s quality assurance confirmation letter shall be supplied and demanded at the bidding meeting. Let's take a look at the basic characteristics of the Shenzhen Wing Gate Safety Channel:

1. Safety Factor of Shenzhen Wing Gate Safety Channel
The wing gate safety channel has the function of sound and light alarm, and it has the intrusion of illegal persons to enter and add alarm. The anti-shock effect of the wing gate safety channel automatically locks the swing arm automatically when it does not receive the opening data signal, which reasonably blocks the intruders who are driving illegally.

2. The intelligence of Shenzhen Wing Gate Security Channel
The wing gate safety channel has the function of automatic calibration. After the gate is opened, the system software will automatically revoke the management authority of the customer for this trip when it is not driven within the required time.Fully automatic calibration in 5 seconds. The intelligence of the wing gate safety channel is also reflected in the fact that the safety channel is fully opened after the wing gate safety channel is turned off, and fully closed when energized. The wing gate safety channel also has the function of self-inspection of the route, and can be found immediately after an abnormality occurs, which greatly maintains the service period of the wing gate safety channel.

3. Innovation of Shenzhen Wing Gate Safe Passage Movement
The automatic noise reduction displacement wing gate safety channel adopts precision-machined and forged movement.moreNewARM manipulation expertise, a brand-new upgraded product completed with an industrial-type manipulation process. It has the characteristics of no noise operation, stable operation, no mechanical equipment damage, long application life, etc., during startup and shutdown of the entire operation of the product They are very stable, can quickly lock the brake system, and integrate the multi-channel multi-level controller to achieve the noise reduction automatic high-speed operation displacement wing gate safety channel, which has been used in various venues and other organizations.

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