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How to install and maintain the vertical three roller gate?
- 2020-01-08-

Before the installation, sufficient work is generally carried out. Before installation, according to the actual specifications of the three-roller gate, groove and embed the plastic pipe 2 root 6 points -8 points, the three-roller gate and the There is a gap of 50-100mm in the middle of the three-roller gate, which is convenient and quick to open the outer cover, adjust the machine equipment, and is beneficial to maintenance and maintenance. The machine equipment and the machine equipment are buried in the middle. Try to use a rubber hose to take the power cord Plug, another rubber hose to take the power cord, in addition to the power cord plug and the power cord to take a rubber hose, it is easy to cause hidden dangers and the expected effect of communication will also be hurt. The buried pipe should be 30-40mm high above the ground, the three-roller gate of the track accumulation chain should be on both sides, and the vertical three-roller gate should be very good at the bottom of the middle of the machine.

Maintenance of vertical three roller gate:

No matter how high-quality machinery and equipment will have mechanical failures, this is inevitable. In the long run, frequent maintenance can reduce mechanical failures and reduce costs, and in addition, increase the service life of machinery and equipment. Because different customers have different regulations, we provide a variety of different repair and maintenance plans, and according to the design of the plan, it can take into account all the regulations.

Vertical three-roller gate multi-function: the management system software selects real intelligent non-capacitive grid intelligent ic card, also known as radio frequency card, which successfully solves the problem of ic card use, confidential information, no damage, and simple and clear operation process The difficulty is to further improve the application type of system software, which can authorize a card multiple times and can be used for program management in other aspects. Such as time and attendance system, consumption, parking lot management, patrol, administrative department.

The vertical three-roller gate saves time and effort: it is only necessary to lightly shake the induction coil area of ​​the card group to maintain the staff entry and exit management method. The response time of the machine equipment is less than 0.

The vertical three-roller gate is easy to expand: the computer and the admissions management system use wireless communication methods, which can expand the number of safe exits at will. That is, when a relative process control system is installed, according to the requirements, if the number of intelligent channel gates and elevator automatic control systems needs to be increased, the hardware environment only needs to increase the relative intelligent channel gates, and the mobile app performs Set it up.

The vertical three-roller gate can be operated offline: the intelligent channel gate uses the wireless data transmission method of the telecommunication network communication base station, which is completely offline. The transmission interval can be guaranteed for several kilometers according to the requirements, and the data transmission can be guaranteed faster / S is several times or even dozens of times the transmission quality of serial ports in industrial production.

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