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What are the advantages of speed gate electronic ticket gate
- 2020-01-08-

Following the development trend of electronic information technology, the use of computer technology and related hardware configuration has infiltrated into all walks of life. In the application of ticket fees, the electronic ticket system was used earlier. In recent years, the information management has been further accelerated in China, and the use of the intelligent management system for electronic tickets, sales, and ticket inspection of speed gates and gates has been gradually popularized throughout the country.

Speed ​​gateThe use of electronic ticket management methods for road gates has practical significance for customers in all aspects:
1, standard ticket office, ticket inspection process is convenient, improve efficiency, promote customer management capabilities and brand image.
2, to eliminate false tickets, tour guides and other counter-attacks and other bad behaviors to the property losses caused to customers, maintain customer rights and interests.
3, can realize computer management to present all kinds of search data statistics related to the ticketing center immediately, in detail, and properly, for the usual business process management and project implementation plan, present appropriate and practical data information, in order to maintain professional management The method showed strong application.

Speedgate has the following characteristics:
1. Dominated by one-time tourists, with large flow of people, it is necessary to quickly and conveniently ticket office and ticket inspection;
Second, the entrance fee is relatively high, there are strict accounting rectification rules and regulations, and it is necessary to strictly control the ticket office and the entire process of ticket inspection to avoid property losses caused by loopholes in the accounting system;
Third, there are many customers in travel agencies and group companies, and tickets or discounts are handy, and customer discounts and sales need to be refined and rectified;
4. The whole process of buying tickets and checking tickets for the elite team of tourists should be convenient and flexible, and it is useful for more people to quickly enter the ticket check and have a memory effect;
Fifth, the ticket inspection method is flexible, suitable for the rapid inspection and customs clearance of a variety of intelligent barrier devices and various electronic tickets; to maintain the ticket fee after the ticket is checked, the electronic device is written off and the physical sign is used to replace the hand-made Open hole ticket inspection method; there are provisions for expanding the role of online ticket booking and online ticket purchase.

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