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What are the specific classification of channel gates
- 2020-01-08-

With the development of the period, anti-theft doors have not been limited to ticketing applications in airports, subway stations and other regions, but only operate in large numbers in office buildings, library management, movie theaters, processing plant companies, exhibition centers, sports venues, attractions, Bringing you a fast, smooth, and efficient mutual controllable security channel, which cooperates with a competitive, high-quality security access automatic control system. The high-efficiency intelligent pedestrian intelligent gate brake dragging system software and the raw materials of the stainless steel wire drawing surface create a beautiful and elegant appearance design, taking into account the needs of the easy-to-use and beautiful appearance of the architectural planning and design in most rooms.

The unique design scheme makes it suitable for a variety of safe passage monitors in the natural environment. The passage gate can carry out multi-channel and multi-channel installation and maintain the application role of matching with most access control systems.

Intelligent barrier classification
There are various types of smart barriers, which can be divided into:

Wing gate, its characteristics depend on its ability to quickly and smoothly single project or double control in and out;

Swing gate, this is a kind of equipment for controlling and controlling pedestrian safe passage with high safety and waterproof level;

Electronic optical door, the key is the monitor and access control equipment designed to deal with the total flow of people entering and leaving the population and identification documents;

Three roller gate, it is a number-level access control system that professionally handles key management and total population flow;

The key to turning isleveldo notHighThe dual fast road management and control equipment designed for the site required by intelligent security can be used as a safe channel management method without human control;

The key of the displacement gate is to control the machine equipment for the limited number of safe passages in the design scheme of the safe passage called spacious space.

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