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Shenzhen laser cutting processing principles and what are the characteristics
- 2020-01-08-

The following Shenzhen laser cutting processing and you talk about the principle and characteristics of laser cutting processing
The laser cutting machine itself uses a flying optical path system. During long-term work, the optical path will slightly deviate, which will have a great impact on the cutting X fruit. Therefore, regular inspection of the optical path and adjustment are necessary. How to adjust the optical path of the laser cutting machine, with these tips, have you got it?
  1. Check whether the laser can hit a reflective lens, if not, adjust the position of a lens.
  2, check whether the laser can hit the second and third reflective lenses, if not, adjust the M 1, M 2, M {{3} after the previous reflector } Screws.
  3, move the laser head to the upper left corner and hit another laser spot, observe whether it is in the same position as the spot hit in the upper right corner, if not, adjust the M 1, M {{ 2}}, M 3 screws so that the point they hit is at the same position as the point in the upper right corner.
  4. Attach at least two layers of double-sided tape to the light entrance of the laser tube, move the laser head to the upper right corner of the table, press the TEST key of the control panel, and hit a laser spot.
  5. Move the laser head to the lower left corner, observe whether the dot is at the same position as the upper right corner, and adjust the two reflective lenses.
Repeated adjustments as described in   6, 4, 5, so that the three laser spots hit at the same position.
  7 Check if the focus is in the Z center: put a mirror vertically below the focusing lens, place the transparent plastic sheet close to the lens barrel (ie, hold it), press the TEST key to hit the laser, see the laser spot Whether to hit the Z heart of the focusing lens. Handle the plastic film with caution, laser burn, do not put your hand in the vertical plane of the lens.

1. The principle of laser cutting:
Laser cutting processing is to irradiate the laser beam to the surface of the workpiece, and use the high energy of the laser to cut off, melt the material and change the surface performance of the object. Because laser cutting is a non-contact processing, the tool will not directly rub against the surface of the workpiece to produce resistance, so the laser cutting process is fast, the processing object is affected by heat in a small range, and no noise is generated. Because the energy of the laser beam and the moving speed of the beam can be adjusted, the laser cutting process can be applied to different levels and ranges.

Second, the characteristics of laser cutting processing:

Laser cutting processing has the expensive characteristics and product processing advantages, and the processing range is wide;
① Because it is non-contact processing, and the energy and moving speed of the high-energy laser beam are adjustable, it can achieve a variety of processing purposes.
② It can process a variety of metals and non-metals, especially materials with high hardness, high brittleness, and high melting point.
③ During the laser cutting process, there is no "knife" wear, and no "cutting force" acts on the workpiece.
④ During the laser cutting process, the laser beam energy density is high, the processing speed is fast, and it is local processing, which has little or no effect on the non-laser irradiation site? Therefore, the heat affected zone is small, the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small, and the subsequent processing volume is small.
⑤ It can carry out various kinds of processing on the workpiece in the closed container through the transparent medium.
⑥Because the laser beam is easy to be guided and concentrated to change in all directions, it is easy to cooperate with the CNC system to process complex workpieces, so it is a very live processing method.

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