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Shenzhen laser cutting processing laser market
- 2020-01-08-

Shenzhen laser cutting processing and you talk about the laser market
The laser processing market is mainly distributed in South China (30%), Central China (24%), East China (20%), North China and Northeast China (13%), of which The three major regions of South China, Central China and East China have developed manufacturing industries, which naturally become the regional market for laser processing. 20 In 2016, the sales of industrial lasers and systems reached 100 million yuan, and it is estimated that 20 will reach 455 billion yuan in 17 years, with a rate of 18%. Fiber lasers are already the main force in the industrial laser market. 20 13-20 During 16 years, the sales of low-power fiber lasers ( 0010010 lt; 100 W) in the market have been steady, which is 20 In 16 years, it has 75% more sales than in 20 15 years. Another phenomenon is that domestic fiber lasers have occupied a near market share.

Rate fiber laser ( 0010010 lt;=1. 5 kW) sales in the market, from 200 1 in 20 1 3 years to 20 { {1}} 3000 sets of 1 in 6 years, of which 20 1 sales in 6 years are 3 in 20 1 5! }} A trend in the past 6 years is that the sales of domestic fiber lasers have overwhelmed the product.

20 1 3-20 1 6 years, high-power fiber laser ({{1}} gt; 1. 5 kW) sales in the market , From more than 600 to more than 3000 . Unlike low-power and rate fiber lasers, the high-power fiber laser market is dominated by products and the number of domestic products. However, this situation is likely to change. Domestic high-power fiber lasers should first be available at 4 kW or below. It is estimated that from 2 to 3 years, with 4 kW or below power, domestic high-power fiber optics will reach 5 0%.

In the past two years, the sales volume of laser cutting equipment has reached the market. The application of fiber lasers in laser cutting systems has been leapfrogging in the past two years, and is in rate cutting systems. In welding systems, 60% of laser welding equipment already uses fiber lasers, and 65% of equipment is used in automobile manufacturing. The number of high power systems with power over 3 kW is also steadily increasing, and laser cutting and welding systems are also developing towards high power.

With the development of integrated circuits, the number of UV lasers used in printed circuit boards and consumer electronics micromachining systems has increased significantly. At the same time, applications in the fields of biology and equipment also provide a broad space for development of ultraviolet lasers. In 2016 years, UV lasers were realized in the market, and sales doubled from the previous year, reaching 7800 units.

In   2016 years, the sales of CO 2 lasers in the market are not large, and the total amount of small and medium power is maintained at about {{2}}, mainly used for coding, marking, cutting And other non-metallic industries. The sales of 2 kW high-power CO 2 lasers is larger than the total sales of 2 00 units in 2 015 in 015. With the advancement of lightweighting in the automotive industry and the application of the composite materials market, CO 2 lasers will have new development prospects in the future.

Development trend of optical devices

As a driving force in the field of industrial manufacturing, the laser itself is constantly moving forward. In summary, lasers are developing in four directions: "fast, high, good, and short."

Fast: The pulse speed of the laser is getting faster and faster, and the fast laser has developed. With the simple structure, convenient operation, low cost and stable performance, it has stepped out of the laboratory and entered industrial applications.

High: The laser power is getting higher and higher, and the average power has exceeded 10 million watts. In 2013 , Taiwan ’s commercial 10 million-watt fiber laser was installed in NADEX, Nagoya, Japan, for welding 300 mm thick steel plates. Laser cutting applications are also developing towards high power. The power of laser cutting machines continues to rise, reaching 8 ~ 12 kW.

Good: The beam quality of the laser output is getting better and better, and the beam quality of the fiber laser has reached 10 million watts single mode. In the past year, the brightness of fiber lasers, disk lasers, and direct semiconductor lasers have increased significantly.
Short: The output wavelength of the laser covers a short wavelength band, and short-wavelength lasers have been applied. All manufacturing processes require cold working. For example, in the manufacture of mobile phones, short-wavelength, short-pulse ultraviolet lasers are required. Short-wavelength lasers have been widely used in surface marking, semiconductor wafer processing, drilling, and cutting.

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