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How much do you know about Smart Speedgate?
- 2020-01-08-

Speed ​​gateIt is also a pedestrian passage gate. It was used early in subway stations and other traffic and rail places. With the development trend of card and biometrics, it is used in various places such as office buildings, fitness clubs, residential quarters, etc., and can be seen anytime, anywhere Their figure.

Speedgate advantages:

1. High speed and high efficiency through speed gate
All normal mean per minute driving speed per minute4 0-4 5 people, implement one-card-one-person or biometric technology door opening and closing method, the opening rate is 0. 4 times per second. Reasonably deal with the congestion of traditional doors and long queues, and further improve the driving level. Generally, it is often used in large shopping malls and various office buildings to arrange time reasonably.

2. The speed gate has basic anti-trailing, anti-collision, and emergency escape functions
a. Anti-trailing effect: There is an infrared band detector in the passage of the quick-pass door, which can reasonably identify and remind non-motorized vehicles that have not read the card. If it is forced to drive, it will cause a full automatic alarm to remind.

b. Anti-collision effect: The door wing is automatically locked when no data signal for opening is received. If a force collision is encountered, it is not easy to cause actual damage to the room door wing equipment.
c. Self-checking function: the speed-pass door has the function of self-checking for common faults and alarm reminder. The speed-turning door is emerald green in all normal applications, and the driving light will turn bright red in case of abnormality to remind customers Monitor and overhaul.

3. The service life of the speed-through door motor is long
After thousands of life tests, application frequencyAbout 1000 ten thousand times, its external materials are made of 304 stainless steel cold-rolled steel plates, with complicated processing techniques, clean and tidy appearance, and high quality. Suitable for mid-range applications. Compared with the traditional type door, the really intelligent quick-pass door also has a color flight in the production technology of the watch core. The application length of the service life of all a device lies in the watch core.
The quick-pass door uses authorized methods to control the access of staff, and uses a complex anti-trailing tracking control system, which can quickly and accurately identify whether many people are trailing. Speed-pass door manufacturers strictly avoid unauthorized workers In order to maintain a strict and reasonable management method for the staff, and to truly maintain the security and intelligent security of the access door.

4, elegant
Watching outside the door, it is relatively long and thin, the structure of the watch core is small, the relay clutch is selected, the credit card dialog box is relatively long and thin, and the display light is also smaller. It's a bit thicker. From the outside, the processing technology and overall design look beautiful.

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