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Case: Airports, Scenic Areas

Case of an airport in Hainan

1. Use venue: An airport in Hainan

2. Equipment: Small swing ingress FXD-AG-A10

3. Venue Features: In 2018, the international airport carried a total of 1641 million flights, a total of 24.1238 million passengers, cargo and postal traffic throughput exceeded 3247 million tons, in China's national airport passenger throughput ranked 17th

Technical parameters:

Box material: 304 stainless steel

Product size: 1400 x 185 x 980 (mm)

Wing bezel material: Acrylic

Acrylic Wing Color: Transparent (optional)

Operating voltage: AC220V x 10%V/50 x 10%HZ

Start motor: brushless motor

5. The gate has functions: face recognition, anti-collision function, remote control open gate function.

6. Solve the problem: the airport traffic is large, manual management is difficult, especially the management of entrances and exits. There are self-service check-in channels, self-service customs clearance (self-service check-in) channels at the airport, one-pass clearance channels, VIP lounge channels, employee channels and so on. The application needs of different regional gate gates are different, the airport gate verification efficiency, fast passage speed, precision identification, to ensure the unity of human card, to prevent the phenomenon of forgery or fraudulent use of other people's flight id documents or boarding vouchers to pass, to give passengers a good travel experience, reduce the workload of staff, and further improve the level of airport management

Zhengzhou Scenic Area Case

1. Use of the site: Zhengzhou Scenic Area

2. Equipment: Bridge-angled swinggate: FXD-AG-A06, ticketing system, face recognition, ID card, IC swipe card, QR code, infrared sensing

3. Venue features: low ticket inspection and traffic efficiency, holiday tourists traffic large traffic difficult to manage, long waiting time for tourists and poor experience, traffic order and management confusion

Technical parameters:

Box material: 304 stainless steel

Product size: 1200 x 280 x 980 (mm)

Operating voltage: AC220V x 10%V/50 x 10%HZ

Start motor: DC brushless motor

Opening time: 1-3 seconds

Channel width: 2000 (mm)

5. Gate machine has functions: swipe card, QR code scan into the door, face recognition function, infrared sensing out of scenic area, people and bicycle collision prevention function, outdoor waterproofing

6. Solve the problem:

Effectively improve ticket ingress and low traffic efficiency, greatly reduce the difficulty of managing the high traffic flow of holiday tourists, improve the speed of tourist spass, effectively improve the order of people and cars and manage the disorder

Scenic spot ticket gate recognition speed is fast, high accuracy, high security, configuration of two-dimensional code recognition, IC card recognition, identity card recognition and other identification methods, according to the actual needs of the scenic area for a variety of identification methods, to achieve the diversification of visitors into the park management

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