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1. Company Overview

Shenzhen Fengxingda Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 years,Shenzhen Fengxingda Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 year. Located in Area B, 1st Floor, Building A 3, Jindi Parkway Industrial Park, 13 Fenghuang Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen. Now it has a production plant area of about 2000 square meters, an office area of about 3 square square meters, and more than 3 employees. Mainly engaged in the one-stop service of design, research and development, production, installation and maintenance of intelligent channel gates, speed gates, vertical three-roller gates, parking lot gates; in addition, the processing capacity extends to high-power laser cutting and high precision Metal bending and welding processing; design, processing and sales of metal products; research and development, production and sales of metal and non-metal composite materials. Products have been widely used in security industry, real estate industry, property system, high-speed rail and passenger station system, banking system, automation equipment industry, electronics industry, rail transit industry and shipbuilding industry.

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2. Enterprise development

Fengxingda has mature product design capabilities for intelligent channel gates, and is equipped with an experienced technical team with strong R & D capabilities and innovative capabilities. At the same time, in 2007 year, a process covering pre-laser cutting process, sheet metal bending and welding, as well as a complete machine assembly production line has been built, and a complete and independent quality control department is provided. The company has strong research and development capabilities and mature production capacity, with an annual output value of over 5000 million.

In terms of R & D technology, the company quickly opened the door to the market in the field of security by virtue of its strong product design capabilities. The new short-latency speed gate designed by the R & D team, with its high-end styling and excellent product quality, won the community, The favor of the import and export industry such as office buildings has successfully spread to the market. Follow-up will continue to deepen cultivation in high-speed rail and passenger transport systems, properties and schools.

In terms of manufacturing, relying on the most advanced high-tech production equipment of the Swiss Bystronic brand in the global laser cutting industry, with the advanced management system and a professional technical team with rich experience, the company has grown rapidly. Fengxingda currently owns one 4000 watt and 10000 kilowatt high-powered Swiss Bystronic laser cutting machine; each of which has made our company one of the first batch-cutting machines in the country {{ 2}} Professional laser cutting service enterprise with the thickness of stainless steel plate. In addition, our company also continues to introduce advanced supporting equipment for the sheet metal industry, and has successively purchased Bystronic CNC bending machines, welding machines, welding workbenches, automated loading and unloading, automatic mechanical booms and other equipment, with the purpose of making our company a high-end The service industry provides equipment companies with comprehensive sheet metal processes and professional complete solutions. At present, our company has become a long-term and stable supplier of many high-quality enterprises in the banking system, military industry system, rail transportation industry and shipbuilding industry, etc., and has been providing them with high efficiency and high quality services.

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3. Corporate Culture

Fengxingda core values: integrity, open innovation, win-win cooperation, and a happy life together.

The company pursues the tenet of “customer first, quality first, efficiency wins”, and provides high-quality services to customers wholeheartedly. In line with the people-oriented concept, we firmly implement the policies of thirst, love, use and reward. At the same time, organize various forms of training and further education for employees, and build a career plan with room for development.

At the same time, it also pursues a "home culture", in order to ensure that the operation team moves in the same direction, providing loving and warm humanistic care and logistics services. And regularly hold some meaningful sports competitions to promote the cohesion and collaboration spirit of the entire team.

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4. Company Strategy

Shenzhen Fengxingda Electronics Co., Ltd.

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